Economic activity (enterprise) means profit-making activity conducted in an organized and continuous fashion on your own behalf.

Foreign persons have the right to undertake and conduct economic activity only in the form of:

  • individual enterprise (natural person)
  • commercial partnership

Entrepreneur means a person conducting economic activity on his/her own behalf.

Entering into economic activity

What kind of residence document is required

You may undertake and continue economic activity in Poland if you possess:

  • permanent residence permit,
  • EU long-term residence permit
  • temporary residence permit issued in order to continue economic activity
  • a temporary residence permit based on:
    ◦ long-term EU residence permit and their family members
    ◦ right to family reunification
    ◦ entering or continuing full-time studies or doctoral studies
    ◦ marriage to a Polish citizen living in Poland

Apart from the above mentioned, foreigners are entitled to conduct their economic activity if they are:

  • persons who have been granted the refugee status (including supplementary protection)
  • persons granted temporary protection
  • holders of a Polish Card
  • holders of a humanitarian protection residence permit or a tolerated residence permit

Moreover, a foreigner who:

  • submitted an application for a temporary residence permit or an application for EU long-term residence permit
  • submitted one of the above mentioned applications and was granted a stamp in his/her passport validating his/her residence on the territory of Poland until the end of the procedure
  • directly before submitting one of the above mentioned applications was entitled to conduct economic activity in Poland

is entitled to undertake economic activity.

How to register your economic activity

Individual economic activity is the simplest form of an enterprise.
To be able to commence economic activity, you should complete the application for entry into the Central Registration and Information on Economic Activity (Centralna Ewidencja i Informacja o Działalności Gospodarczej – CEIDG) and submit it to the Town/Commune Office. (Urząd Miasta/Urząd Gminy)

The application for entry in CEIDG may be lodged:

  • in town/commune office – in person
  • or by registered mail (an application sent by registered mail should bear the handwritten signature of the applicant certified by a notary public)
  • on line – using electronic signature, verified on the basis of qualified certificate, signature confirmed by means of entrusted profile at ePUAP
  • by phone – (an application will be confirmed by SMS (text message) and needs to be signed in any town/commune office).

It is required to fill in your application at least your name and surname. There is no fee for the application.

ATTENTION! One of your duties as an entrepreneur will be to keep accounting records according to the form of taxation you chose for your economic activity. If you are looking for more detailed information on taxation, please refer to the tax office.

Undertaking and conducting economic activity in the form of commercial partnership

Foreign persons other than those referred to above have the right to conduct economic activity only in the form of commercial partnership. They must be registered in the Register of Enterprises in the National Court Register (Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy – KRS), as one of the following:


  • limited partnership
  • limited joint-stock partnership
  • limited liability company
  • joint-stock company