Przemysław Bednarz

I am passionate about coaching. I have been through a lot of changes in my life and I know from experience what kind of challenges they are. Every change is the way we choose. And although we go alone, it is possible to be accompanied by someone in this journey. So I invite you to a joint journey into yourself.

I am a certified coach working on International Coach Federation (ICF) standards. The choice of the method of my work is being made with my personal development; so I am closer and closer to the transformational presence in coaching (Alan Seale’s approach). By education I am a philosopher with a specialization in human philosophy. I have completed post-graduate studies in coaching and the ACSTH ICF educational path, as well as specialized career coaching (CCE) and transformational presence in coaching courses. I have completed the mentoring process necessary for professional coach accreditation (PCC) in English.

I work in the field of life coaching. I also deal with career coaching. I am a pioneer in Poland in the field of migrants coaching (my genuine MIA program – migration, integration, assimilation). In the coaching work I can use Polish and English.
If every journey begins with the first step, then I am ready for it …



Personal life. What is more intimate and important to us? That is why the time devoted to personal development is the best investment we can make. Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? These questions have not lost their importance. If you want to find answers with the help of personal coaching and you need someone who will ask – here I am and I do ask: What more can you do for yourself? What will be possible when you release all your potential? Who will you become?
Let us hear the answers together …

My proposal of personal coaching process includes:
• 1 free initial session
• 10 paid coaching sessions (45 minutes) once a week
• 1 free summary session

The session take place in a coaching room in Krakow or through a Skype / Zoom session. There is also a possibility of meetings at the place chosen by the client.


Career increasingly requires from us more effort and conscious planning. The labor market presents us with more and more different challenges. Employers and employees are looking for more and more ways to build their mutual relations.

If this “more and more” seems to be too much for you, it is time to ask about the path of your career. Or maybe it is not a path but a way? I am at your disposal if you want to learn about your career goals, get to know your strengths and discover your values.

The career coaching offer includes:
• start-up session
• 3 paid work sessions (60 to 90 min) every two weeks
• final session with an individual report from the process
• free self-study materials

Sessions are held in a coaching room in Krakow or via Skype / Zoom in Polish or English. There is a possibility of meetings at the place chosen by the client. At the special request of clients, sessions can take place in a team of up to 5 people (team coaching).


A sudden change of environment is one of the most difficult changes in life. If you are an expat employee, a delegate, someone who spends most of your life traveling or you have decided to leave the country, you will certainly know how difficult it is to find a sense of belonging and adjustment over time. Culture shock, adaptive disorders, and marginalization are common challenges that sooner or later may appear in your life.

Are you sure you want to go this route alone? I invite you to a joint journey. I promise that I will be a helpful, persistent and responsible companion.

My genuine ©MIA program (migration, integration, assimilation) includes:
• diagnosis of needs – free initial session
• a package of 5 paid coaching sessions (60 minutes) once a week or every two weeks
• a paid summary session and an individual report after completion of the coaching process
• free self-study materials
• genuine coaching tools of the ©MIA program
• possibility of telephone / email contact during the process

The program can be run in Polish or English. The individual sessions take place in a coaching room in Krakow or through a Skype / Zoom session.

Do not hesitate to contact me: